Harga-Provider-Paket-Internet-ISP-Murah-Cepat-Dedicated-Unlimited-Corporate-dengan-IP-Statis-Terbaik-Bagus-Stabil-Termurah-Tercepat-untuk-kebutuhan Kantor perkantoran hotel apartemen  jakarta bogor


Harga-Provider-Paket-Internet-ISP-Murah-Cepat-Dedicated-Unlimited-Corporate-dengan-IP-Statis-Terbaik-Bagus-Stabil-Termurah-Tercepat-untuk-kebutuhan Kantor perkantoran hotel apartemen jakarta

Kami merupakan Perusahaan Internet Service Provider (ISP) atau Penyedia Layanan Internet yang memberikan layanan Koneksi Internet Dedicated berkualitas baik melalui Fiber Optik (FO) maupun Wireless. Dengan layanan prima Terbaik dan berpengalaman kami berusaha untuk memberikan solusi bagi kebutuhan internet untuk di kantor/ Perusahaan, Sekolah, kampus/ universitas , UMKM, warnet dan lainnya untuk menikmati Layanan Provider Internet dedicated murah Unlimited paling cepat dan stabil .

Anda dapat melakukan kontak dengan kami dengan berbagai media komunikasi. Kami akan sangat terbuka untuk berkomunikasi baik dalam hal penjualan melalui marketing dan segala permasalahan koneksi internet yang mungkin muncul melalui support kami. Kami akan berusaha memahami permasalahan dan memberikan solusi yang tepat akan kebutuhan internet anda sehingga mampu memberikan pelayanan Provider Internet murah yang terbaik.

Kini wilayah layanan kami (Area coverage) telah meliputi Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Cikampek, Karawang, Bandung dan sekitarnya

Jl. H. Kocen, Kalimulya, Cilodong, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16413, Indonesia

Office: (021) 778 400 22

Call n Chat to Marketing Officer: 0878-7830-7650 (fast response)

Marketing: 0812-9637-1993

Marketing: 0813-1888-2415


Berita Provider Internet ISP cepat untuk kantor hotel apartemen jakarta bandung bogor depok tangerang bekasi karawang cikampek dedicated corporate

Affordable Ecommerce Website Design Service Provider

Affordable Ecommerce Website Design Service Provider
These days, the internet marketplace has turn out into a new pathway of running successful businesses. Ecommerce is the process of conducting business communications and transactions online with the help of internet. This new approach towards business is being preferred by the majority of business firms today. The three main types of ecommerce businesses are B2B-business to business, B2C- business to customer and C2C-customer to customer. All the latest technologies and techniques are being incorporated in the Ecommerce business solutions to promote online businesses. Thus, to flourish in the era of Ecommerce, one requires a well planned and implemented ecommerce web site design.

According to the recent studies, it has been discovered that those businesses that attain their patrons through physical avenues like retail stores are experiencing a rising expanse in comparison to their revenue. In such a shifting business scenario, presently e-commerce is becoming new way to promote their goods/services; it can also keep a direct link with its clients. In today’s world where people always prefer time saving devices like plastic money and mobile technologies, ecommerce is the best solution.

Most businesses are looking for an affordable ecommerce website design, and a majority of them are finding the most suitable option for a free shopping cart is OSCommerce. OSCommerce is most popular and successful shopping cart software for many ecommerce businesses. There are numerous modules, contributions available for OSCommerce shopping cart. Choosing an open source shopping cart generally brings benefits like standardization, drastic cost cuts, and scalability with itself.

Ecommerce is thus an essential part of your sales strategy and is one of the cheapest mediums for reaching out to new markets. Business can be further expanded and executed with ecommerce applications. Since people get an exposure to various online products, they can judge properly whether to buy or not. There remains a greater opportunity for independent selection. At the click of mouse, one can get to see the world and get desired things. This is the blessing of ecommerce.

If you are looking for a reliable and established ecommerce website builder, then things are not that difficult for you today. In every part of the globe, you would find so many ecommerce services agencies which are equipped with all the amenities to serve all levels of ecommerce web businesses. The internet has been the prime place where you can have complete information about the major ecommerce agencies. These agencies are now also getting outsourced ecommerce projects and they are just doing their job well to help clients get the optimum.

Many companies offer customized ecommerce solutions for every individual business ensuring that the ecommerce solution modules are thoroughly tested from both user’s and administrator’s perspective. Custom graphic design is created in which you can create your own unique look and layout. They are user friendly and entice the user to buy.

Flyingcowdesign.com is trusted name in California,New York,Texas in website design and development services like Affordable Web Design,Shopping Cart Design,Ecommerce Web Design,Graphic Design Services,website development and more.

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CAT 2011: Preparation strategies for QA, VA, DI & LR

CAT 2011: Preparation strategies for QA, VA, DI & LR

There are hardly 3 months left for CAT 2011 entrance exam to roll. The official announcement of the exam can be expected any time between June and July beginning. In this article of MBAUniverse.com, we share with you the section wise preparation strategy for CAT 2011, based on advice given by top CAT experts.

Let us move section by section to know the preparation strategy.

Quantitative Ability
Quantitative Ability is the section in which the main areas which you face are Arithmetic, Algebra, Mensuration, Geometry, and Trigonometry. The areas in which the test takers are most apprehensive are Algebra and Geometry.

To cope with the Algebra section, you need to comprehend the question and re-frame it mathematically. “If you are facing issues mainly in algebra, then I believe you are not able to comprehend and re-frame the question. I would suggest that you read the question slowly, visualize the question (draw neat diagrams/flow charts) and then solve,” suggests Gejo Sreenivasan, Principal Consultant, Career Launcher.

For Geometry, the best way to handle is through practicing with diagrams. “The best way to handle Geometry is to draw the figure to scale and then visually analyze the problem. In most of the cases you would be able to pick the right option,” assures Sreenivasan.

Verbal Ability
Verbal Ability section is generally known to give nightmares to many aspirants, especially those who belong to the engineering backgrounds or from the non English medium background. The main components of the section are Reading Comprehension and English Usage.

For Reading Comprehension, you need to read a lot, from various sources. Be it newspaper or magazine or pieces of classic or contemporary literature. While practicing for the Reading Comprehension, you should also follow the techniques of speed reading, without compromising on the understanding of the passage. “Cultivate diverse reading habits and try to improve your vocabulary, because knowing the language perfectly will go a long way in improving your accuracy and comfort level with the paper in the exam,” mentions Meenakshi Upadhyay, Verbal Ability expert and author.

Gaining your knowledge on Vocabulary can help you in every aspect of the Verbal Ability section, be it Reading Comprehension or English Usage. For vocabulary improvement, try to know the usage of the words together with their meaning because CAT will test your language usage ability in the exam. Vocabulary can be improved by keeping more words in your active vocabulary list and try to use them whenever possible, even if it means talking to yourself.

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

This section is all about interpreting data and utilizing your reasoning abilities. The section is divided into two parts. The Data Interpretation area will give you questions on graphs, tables, charts etc. You will have to answer the questions on the basis of the data given on those figures. The DI section can also give you caselets to solve. The Logical Reasoning will give you questions, which you have to solve with the help of your reasoning skills. The typical questions are on blood relations, arrangements, etc.

While practicing, you should keep in mind the following points:

Take your time and read both the questions and data set carefully. Understand what you are being asked to do before you begin figuring out the information.
Check the data and types of information required. Be sure that you are looking at the right part of graph or chart i.e., on proper columns or rows or lines.
Read the parameters listed along with axes and the scale. This is the most important points as generally one assumes standard scale as 1 unit = 100 or 1 unit = 10. Also the scales of two axes might be different.
The footnotes give the additional information for particular data. This also explains the jargons and lists the formulae that might be needed to solve the questions asked.
Check the units required. Be sure that your answer is in thousand, millions or whatever it is that the question specifies.

Stay tuned to MBAUniverse.com for more on CAT 2011 preparation.

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Events in Marina di Ragusa: Arrivederci Estate 2010

Events in Marina di Ragusa: Arrivederci Estate 2010

Summer is almost over and autumn is just around the corner, and as has happened for many years also this year Marina di Ragusa is setting up a big event to say goodbye to summer and to the tourists that have chosen the Sicilian city to spend their holidays, closing out the season in the best possible way.

This year the event was about to be cancelled because the organization that used to set up the event could not take charge of that, but thanks to the intervention of the local council with the collaboration of the Province and the help of many sponsors, the inhabitants of the city and tourists will not have to part with the great late summer celebrations. This year the name of the event was changed from “Addio Estate 2010” to “Arrivederci Estate 2010”, just in respect of the previous organizers, but the winning formula that has made the event one of the most appreciated summer happenings in Sicily remains the same. There will be all the usual ingredients of the event: from music to art, from dance to fireworks, to offer all the participants an unforgettable day, which will remain in their minds and their hearts, and which will not disappoint the expectations of those tourists that decide to extend their stay in Marina di Ragusa just to take part in this popular event. It is also for these aficionados of the city and of the event that the local council decided to organize the event.

The program of the event was presented during a press conference that took place on the 7th of September with major Nello Dipasquale, another member of the local council (Francesco Barone), President of the Province Franco Antoci, another representative of the Province (Salvo Mallia), and the representatives of sponsors, and includes many events that will take place in various main parts of the city: Rotonda (Lungomare A.Doria), the tourist port, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi and Piazza Malta. The whole city will be involved in this great party, a party that will be characterized by cheerfulness and fun. Certainly the end of summer also implies a sort of nostalgia and memories of the good days spent on the beach, when office and work were only distant memories, but “Arrivederci Estate 2010” is meant to be a good chance to have fun, to come back to everyday life good-humoured and with a smile on the face.

Music, shows, food, dance…these, and many more, are the ingredients of the event. Lungomare A.Doria will host a dance show and live concerts, followed by a DJ set, to dance all together under the stars, while in the tourist port space will be given to art, with “Artisti insieme”, as well as to other forms of expressions, with the performances of music bands and dance schools. The meeting point for gourmets will be Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, where people will have the possibility to taste local products. Space will be given also to the Mariele Ventre Chorus, to concerts, to opera and to Marina’s got talent, followed by the prize giving ceremony of the fireworks competition. Piazza di Malta will be dedicated to children, with a five-a-side tournament for children, games and entertainers. In Piazza di Malta people will also have the possibility to visit a flea and antiques market.


This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from hotel handicap. For more information, please visit Ragusa Montalbano or hotel bici Ragusa.

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All Accountants Need Wireless Internet

All Accountants Need Wireless Internet
For those professionals who are working in the field of accounting it seems as if every day there are more and more aspects of the field that are being mechanized. While accountants in the days of old had paper records of their clients and did most of their computation by hand, the modern accountant knows that times and technologies have changed. In order for folks to do the type of accounting that will bring them personal and professional success it is necessary to have a 4G connection. While you probably already have one in your office, it is also necessary to make sure that you have one at home in order to be more accessible and get work done from outside the office.

In the field of accounting more and more firms have already made the switch to cloud computing. That is to say, that instead of storing physical records in a filing cabinet or some other such, that records are being stored in online databases. These databases allow a greater degree of flexibility because they allow for the storing of complicated records and they will not be taking up any physical space. Because of the volume that is associated with cloud computing, it is important to have a strong wireless internet connection in order to take advantage of the technology at hand.

More and more, clients are demanding around the clock service. Gone are the days when you can punch in at 9 AM and punch out at 5 PM. If there is an accounting emergency you may need to be accessible, even from home. If your home does not have a mobile wimax connection, then you will be unable to respond to emergencies, and you may end up losing out on clients and business. Conversely, with a connection you will be able to quickly and efficiently respond to whatever emergency happens to be on hand. With such a connection you will be able to offer increased service and perhaps that will be able to attract additional clients that are not yet working with you.

If you are looking to get ahead in your personal practice, then it will be necessary to do some work on the side in order to muscle your way into a crowded field. These days, wireless internet is becoming more and more of a prerequisite for a successful practice. The advantages of investing in a 4G connection definitely outweigh the modest price of investment. With your connection you will be able to get the work done that you need to get done to ensure that you are attracting the clients that will one day be your lifeblood.

Ultimately, the positives of getting such a connection far outweigh the negatives. Your ability to be accessible to your clients will soar, and you will find yourself attracting more and more business because of your ability to respond. Now is a great time to begin searching for the connection that is right for you, if you have not already done so.

Check out Clearwirewimax4g.com for more info on the connection thats right for you. There youll find the best Clearwire specials in your area.

Top CAT experts give advice on attempting DI&LR; section

Top CAT experts give advice on attempting DI&LR; section

Many CAT 2010 takers, who have already taken the test have felt that the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section was quite lengthy and calculation intensive. The candidates who have scheduled their CAT 2010 in the later schedules are hence thinking on what should be their strategy for tackling this section. To provide you expert guidance on the different strategies for answering the questions in the DI&LR section, MBAUniverse.com brings to you advice from top MBA experts.

DI & LR pattern in CAT 2010 so far
Arun Sharma, well known CAT expert, and author of many best selling CAT preparation books says, “The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section in CAT 2010 till now has been calculation intensive.”

On the basis of the Day 4 of CAT 2010, Manish Saraf, PT Education mentioned that the questions in Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section were quite lengthy and data driven. “There were questions which had lot of data,” mentions Saraf.

Strategies for attempting the questions
According to CAT experts, the first thing to keep in mind while attempting the questions is to read the question properly. Not only do you have to study the caselet or the graph or the figures, but also check the questions which follow with respect to the number and the nature of the questions.
Arun Sharma mentions that the number of questions range from one to three for every caselet or graph or figure. Here Saraf mentions that if you see that there is only one question that follows a lengthy caselet or a data-driven graph or figure, then it is better not to attempt it. “Some of the questions are not worth attempting at the first go. It is better to keep them Marked for reviewing them later,” mentions Saraf.

In order to get the right cut off and a good sectional percentile, you should attempt the right questions. “If you see that there is one question after a massive data and which is calculation intensive, then leave it and proceed to next question. If you have sufficient time, then only you should come back to them,” Saraf suggests.

Preparing for DI & LR
With regards to preparation for the section, CAT experts advise that you should have good command over basic calculation skills. “You should know how to interpret various data formats. tables, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, flow diagrams and cumulative frequency tables. These are some of the data formats that have featured in CAT over the years,” says Byju Raveendran, CAT expert and founder of Byju’s CAT Classes.

He also mentioned that understanding and the ability to do percentage calculations is very necessary in order to crack questions. “You should have a very good idea of percentage calculations, comparison of fractions (to determine highest/ lowest percentage), average annual growth rates (CAGR) and related concepts like market share by value, market share by volume market share increase and decrease, etc.,” he adds.

“You should practice the methods of approximation and elimination. Approximation is the best tool to arrive at answers quickly but using it is an art, and you will have to learn this through trial-and-error and practice. Often you can arrive at the correct answer by the process of elimination,” Raveendran suggests.

For the lengthy questions, Saraf mentions that you should practice the art of reading. “You need to learn the art of reading so as to accumulate the data which you would require for solving the question.”

Stay tuned to MBAUniverse.com for more expert mantras on CAT 2010.

MBAUniverse.com is one of India’s most comprehensive MBA portals.MBAUniverse.com was set up in 2006 to address the information asymmetry in the management education and practice domain.

Wireless Internet Industry Trend Forecast

Wireless Internet Industry Trend Forecast
Fully understand the industry trends and characteristics of the future, not to follow, not pushy, for wireless Internet practitioners of success is very importance.

This year, China has entered the tenth year, in this ten years, Chinese mobile value-added service industry gradually develop as a listed company. But with the fraud and so on problems more and more fierce, the value-added services company also rapidly decay.

When the value-added service chain around operators quickly die, a more open wireless Internet industry is accelerating rise, with amount of risk investment largely flood, on the one time, wireless Internet field appeared overheating situation, market opportunity has not coming, market bubble first come.

The future wireless Internet industrial structure trends:

First, iPhone and Android reduced application’s development threshold, declared the personal development era coming. The traditional mobile value-added business development, the core problem is due to the unity of the operating system but due to the operation open platform ability is limited, technology development is relatively easy. But the iPhone iOS operating system and Google’s Android operating system to help developers to solve the problems, and also provides a more powerful development environment, make individual developers have it place.

Second, with the chain of operators break down, new opened industry chain is forming. Over the past decade, wireless Internet industry is basically using China Mobile as a core.

China mobile with government to value-added service industry some problems zero tolerance and competitive license for voice user fight, it inevitably return to the blocking idea. China telecom for CDMA – 2000 formats limit because its development user must first present mobile phone, while incremental ARPU value is very low, telecommunication can only send low-end mobile. Due to the complexity and high value-added business management, establish the value-added services like monternet portal management system will expose China Unicom management ability are relatively weak.

Although the three operators in value-added business management are hard to make achievement, but wireless Internet industry has a certain scale, lost operators will depend on the practitioner mutual support, and gradually find no operators attend wireless Internet way. Currently, wireless Internet companies need to find alternative past the mobile operations into a new business model, for example: the new approach based on advertising business model and etc.

Third, WiFi mobile gradually gets popularity, discharge fee fell rapidly. In the early of October will be listed iPhone4, which has lost the suspense, this version of the iPhone will certainly bring WiFi. IPhone4 sales hot in the foreign country, While China Unicom has summarized the iPhone 3G version sales experience, ready to launch preferential treatment strategy in China, so iPhone4 in China will also sale hot. Meanwhile, because users are hard to distinguish WiFi flow and wireless broadband traffic, operators will hard to maintain wireless broadband high fees policy, it will largely launch monthly flow services, which make traffic fee greatly reduced.

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