Harga-Provider-Paket-Internet-ISP-Murah-Cepat-Dedicated-Unlimited-Corporate-dengan-IP-Statis-Terbaik-Bagus-Stabil-Termurah-Tercepat-untuk-kebutuhan Kantor perkantoran hotel apartemen  jakarta bogor


Harga-Provider-Paket-Internet-ISP-Murah-Cepat-Dedicated-Unlimited-Corporate-dengan-IP-Statis-Terbaik-Bagus-Stabil-Termurah-Tercepat-untuk-kebutuhan Kantor perkantoran hotel apartemen jakarta

Kami merupakan Perusahaan Internet Service Provider (ISP) atau Penyedia Layanan Internet yang memberikan layanan Koneksi Internet Dedicated berkualitas baik melalui Fiber Optik (FO) maupun Wireless. Dengan layanan prima Terbaik dan berpengalaman kami berusaha untuk memberikan solusi bagi kebutuhan internet untuk di kantor/ Perusahaan, Sekolah, kampus/ universitas , UMKM, warnet dan lainnya untuk menikmati Layanan Provider Internet dedicated murah Unlimited paling cepat dan stabil .

Anda dapat melakukan kontak dengan kami dengan berbagai media komunikasi. Kami akan sangat terbuka untuk berkomunikasi baik dalam hal penjualan melalui marketing dan segala permasalahan koneksi internet yang mungkin muncul melalui support kami. Kami akan berusaha memahami permasalahan dan memberikan solusi yang tepat akan kebutuhan internet anda sehingga mampu memberikan pelayanan Provider Internet murah yang terbaik.

Kini wilayah layanan kami (Area coverage) telah meliputi Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Cikampek, Karawang, Bandung dan sekitarnya

Jl. H. Kocen, Kalimulya, Cilodong, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16413, Indonesia

Office: (021) 778 400 22

Call n Chat to Marketing Officer: 0878-7830-7650 (fast response)

Marketing: 0812-9637-1993

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Corporate Governance and Small Businesses

Corporate Governance and Small Businesses

Let’s begin with some review of what varieties of firms primarily drive the US economy. We grasp that there are regarding 16,000 publicly traded companies represented on the NASDAQ, NYSE and the AMEX.  The key economic driver in the US is that the twenty seven million little businesses.  The Tiny Business Administration 2008 Presidential Report on The Tiny Business Economy clearly communicated “the economy generated 1.one million internet new jobs in 2007. In the primary quarter of 2007, 74 % of the net new jobs were in tiny companies with fewer than 500 workers and twenty two percent were in companies with fewer than twenty employees.” However, the gross quantity of attention in the media and also the federal forms is around what’s happening in the Markets.  This is often understandable with the volumes of greenbacks transitioning during this public environment. The economic recovery program is not addressing the core of the economy, tiny businesses. More than ever the public market surroundings is being questioned concerning corporate governance.  The new legislation being thought of for public corporations has sections that will terribly well trickle down and need the small businesses to stick to similar if not precise rules on Corporate Governance.

A straightforward definition of Corporate Governance for the tiny business:

Corporate governance merely refers back to the set of internal policies, rules, and procedures that a company follows on a daily basis to ensure that it operates during a truthful, equitable, and acceptable manner for the advantage of the corporate, its management and its shareholders. A corporation typically encompasses a board of directors and a senior “C” level management team. Most little businesses do not have these organizational entities clearly defined and functional.  For private companies that are registered as a company and have investors, the numerous states need these entities to possess a governing board.  Nevertheless several tiny businesses incorporate for tax problems and don’t essentially listen to the concepts of corporate governance.

How does Corporate Governance apply to little businesses?

All businesses ought to have a look at their organizational structure and frequently assess what will allow the company to perform in an optimal way.  The best manner to implement this is often to own an advisory board.  The advisory board is non-paid people that have business or industry specific backgrounds that may contribute ideas or mentor management.  In additional formal and ancient cases a small corporation incorporates a board of administrators comprised of the founders, a spouse, an employee and perhaps – simply maybe an outdoor director.  The point of interest of company governance among little businesses is that every one businesses need to line company strategic goals, offer the leadership to put them into effect, supervise the management of the business, and if the company has stockholders, report to the stockholders on their stewardship.  For those little businesses that do not have the hierarchical structure in place to implement formal corporate governance plans, it is counseled that regular self assessment of the corporate will be the beginning place for accountability, to boost performance, grow the company and be a greater contributing force within the economy.  At the top of the day, if you follow some set of policies and procedures and are reporting your stewardship of the company to somebody whether or not it’s your dog, then you have accountability that’s key to corporate governance practices.

Will the govt. impose its will and definition of Corporate Governance from the general public markets into the small business environment?

This imposition of presidency from the general public market firms to privately held companies is making its approach through the halls of congress.  One plan being tagged onto gift legislation is to increase Sarbanes-Oxley all the way down to privately held companies.  Anyone that is aware of anything about SOX is tuned in to the high cost to implement the documentation processes and therefore the reporting. Pushing this right down to the tiny business atmosphere would be cost prohibitive and stunt economic growth.  The overall politics of mandated corporate governance is to wait and see how new legislation will affect the little businesses driving the US economy.

As a final note, every company, irrespective of what size it’s, will see the positive effects of implementing the principles of company governance.  The facts remain that there are 27 million and small businesses in the US who are the duty creators and the drivers of the economy.  The greatness of US business is that it performs the best when individuals come back along in a free market atmosphere to fulfill the needs of the economy and society.  In the top, best practices of corporate governance can be freely implemented to profit the corporate or company governance will be instituted by the govt., that will price a lot of in resources, planning and profit.  Take the time to assess how your small business views corporate governance and how this can enhance your growth within the market place.

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Corporate Careers Pages Come of Age

Corporate Careers Pages Come of Age

As Bob Dylan once said, “The times they are a-changin.” Twenty years ago the internet was just crawling out of the primordial ooze spawned by higher education and military visionaries.  Before the digital age, job listings were driven by newspaper ads and walk-ins.  As we all know, the computer age has dramatically changed the way companies list their open positions. Where web-based listing pages were once a hypothetical future, today companies have access to a variety of technologies to help post job openings and collect applications.  Advances in applicant tracking software have opened up the available methods and implementations for corporate careers pages.

The advantages of running a careers page on your corporate site are obvious.  The internet provides virtually unlimited exposure for your open positions.  In the first phase of the evolution of web driven job listings, simple HTML pages provided basic descriptions and contact information in the form of phone numbers or email addresses.  These rudimentary pages, offered some impressive improvements over the previous newspaper based system.  With the new pages, hiring professionals had full control over their listings and the distribution channel was essentially free of charge.  Despite the obvious advantages, there were several drawbacks.  With the new method a page update required an understanding of HTML, listings were not uniform and the contact channels were far from optimal.  The first career pages required recruiters to organize all of a candidate’s information with email and offline folders.  This organizational drawback left significant room for error and added unnecessary time to the recruiting process.  Despite these drawbacks, the advent of basic HTML careers pages was a godsend for people in the hiring field.

The internet bubble added fuel to the fire of innovation that was spurning the growth of the web. Major job websites emerged to offer dedicated listings for a variety of positions and companies.  Companies seeking to extend the exposure of their job listings and pull in more candidates had a new outlet.  These new dedicated job sites offered an extension of the corporate careers site.  Recruiters were able to duplicate their listing and reach out to people who otherwise may not be exposed to a company’s open job positions.

Applicant tracking software, also known as recruiting software, followed the development of other hiring technologies.  The software offered a solution to help more effectively organized the hiring process and move away from previous email and spreadsheet methods.  As the variety of online listing channels became ever more important to the hiring process, recruiting software providers developed methods to integrate their candidate database and tracking systems with corporate careers pages and dedicated job listing sites.  Eventually these software packages matured into full management systems for corporate careers pages while offering automatic distribution for the large job listing sites.  To improve compatibility and access, many applicant tracking software providers moved to fully web-based packages.  These web-based systems offered enhance collaboration between hiring personnel while also fixing the previous drawbacks of the first generation of careers sites. With the new software a web developer was no longer needed for new listings, all open listing formats were made uniform and contact channels fed directly into the software’s backend for easy management throughout the recruiting process.

With the maturation of the web, flexibility has become a desired feature for a variety of online software services.  Companies want the ability to setup their careers pages and distribute open positions as they see fit.  Initially, many applicant tracking providers offered careers page hosting via sub-domains.  While not directly hosted through a company’s corporate site, these careers pages provided seamless styling and navigation to mimic the company website.  With the push for more flexibility, select recruiting software providers have begun to leverage RSS and ATOM feeds to offer virtually unlimited distribution and manipulations of a company’s open jobs feed.  These new feeds allow custom integration with a corporate website and enable all positions to be listed directly through the hosted corporate pages.  Once in place, new job feeds can be fully managed via the software’s backend without the need for a web developer.  The new feeds enable a company to list their open positions on as many pages or sites as they see fit.

Hiring remains a very high-touch, people centric field.  Technology is far from effectively replacing the interview process and automating candidate selection. Careers pages, however, have come a long way from the early newspaper advertising methods that dominated the hiring industry only a few decades ago.  With new management software and flexible distribution channels, recruiters have become more effective and hiring manager are able to refocus their efforts on where they add the most value; interviewing candidates to see if they are the right fit for the available position.

I am an aspiring writer who enjoys sharing helpful information with people.  My three favorite topics are business, technology and travel.  I hope my readers enjoy the articles.

Discover a Quality Corporate Photographer London

Discover a Quality Corporate Photographer London

If you’re looking for the best corporate photographer London then use the Internet as a research tool. You should be looking for a photographer who has a great deal of experience in creating magnificent corporate photography London and at extremely competitive prices.

The corporate photographer London you choose may well specialise in editorial and corporate portraiture and all forms of location photography. He or she will probably have illustrated their photography skills by gaining a first class honours degree in photography from a respected University and will have gained a good number of years’ experience in corporate photography London. The corporate photographer London will have honed their skills in a number of design agencies and publishing houses around the City.

The best photographer’s location shots will be packed with energy and excitement with exciting locations such as the Official F1 Party, the Golden Compass Film Premiere Party and Fabric Nightclub. Colour should ooze from his or her photographs and have an extremely impressive effect on its audience. The photographer you choose will have formed a well-deserved reputation as the best corporate photographer London.

Using the World Wide Web you should be able to track down a photographer who is fast becoming incredibly popular and is quickly building a name for themselves as the best corporate photographer London. They may also have worked as a portrait photographer London and has taken the portraits of some of the biggest names in industry and politics, building up their impressive client base over the years.

This corporate photographer London that you choose should make it clear that photography is not simply their profession, but their ultimate passion. This should be obvious from simply looking at their corporate photography London and it should be clear that they have a natural creative flair that they simply have to satisfy. The best photographers will probably have a number of personal projects on the go.

If you would like more information up and coming photographers in London or corporate photography London services that why not use the Internet to carry out a search, contacting potential individuals for a chat about how their services can help you? Whatever your photographic needs, by using the World Wide Web (WWW), you are certain to find a corporate photographer London who can guarantee you creative flair, technical expertise and a great deal of professionalism.

Robclayton.co.uk can provide the best corporate photographer London , with a wealth of experience in creating corporate photography London at competitive prices.

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Good Corporate Video Production at Low Cost

Good Corporate Video Production at Low Cost

With the prevalence of high-speed Internet access and low cost professional video recording equipment with the irrepressible social media surge: the rise of YouTube and other online video distribution services driving demand for business videos of all stripes. The result is an effective and inexpensive corporate video production.

Market and technological forces have driven down production and distribution costs significantly, even for the smallest companies. Long gone are the days of pricey training videos and big-production commercials, instead, businesses want their videos fast and cheap.

When we used to pitch a corporate video, they would put all their eggs in one basket for that presentation, that one big-budget item. They would press it onto DVD and get a nice case for it and send it all over the country as their “electronic brochure.” Now with the Internet and all these other avenues of advertising, the big expensive corporate video production is not at the top of the list.

Social media has reduced customer demand for high-cost, high-margin productions but it also has warped business customers’ perception of quality. One of the challenges we face in this industry is the ‘YouTubeification” of video. People are getting very comfortable with “good enough” and that’s a direct result of how much video we watch online that is just not of great quality. The barriers to entry are so low now that all you need is a credit card and you can call yourself a production company.

To deal with the new market demands we have to adjust our strategies. We try to do shoots with smaller crews and use more efficient production process, which helps our production company sit in the middle ground between the two extreme types of video company models operating today.

On one hand, we have the established Soho production house who always thinks bigger is better and are really not adapted to the smaller crews, smaller budgets and simpler workflows that the new tech allows. And then you have the videographer with his 5D who thinks video is free. He’s often a hobbyist or enthusiast and sometimes might do a good job, or he might be using your project to discover that he really doesn’t like doing video. One thing that separate’s the two is the experience that they have in lighting, framing correctly and adding motion to your camera movement. There’s one thing that doesn’t change when you get down to it and that’s the art of the craft.

Even more important, is understanding the whole point of why your doing a corporate video production.

The hardest thing about our job is not making the pretty pictures, and producing well-crafted videos (that’s default). It’s understanding the clients’ communications goals, understanding who their audience is, understanding what the objectives are and making sure that the pretty pictures we make match those goals.

We always try to warn businesses about the end product if they opt to hire a college kid with lots of creativity but limited business experience. They don’t always understand that just because something is a creative idea, it doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to solve the problem the client is trying to solve. And in the end, they may not have the maturity or experience to say, ‘Wow, this would be really beautiful or interesting or funny to do, but it doesn’t actually benefit the client?’

If you need good internet kantor dedicated corporate cepat murah jakarta bandung bogor depok tangerang bekasi that engages your audience, you need your budget to justify that. Sometimes you will get lucky and find a good idea that can be produced cost effectively and resonant within your market. But more often than not you need experience and a team sympathetic to your needs that knows how to best capture and translate your company to your customers. The real bonus now is that this can be done for less!

Written by Mark A. Wilson the Managing Director of London based video production company Phink TV. With over 10 years experience in Digital Media and the Creative Industry working for the likes of Sky TV, The Times, and The Arcadia Group. I now feel it’s time to give back some of the valuable information and insight I have attained. Amongst my many loves include, video production, digital media, design and marketing trends, hoping I can be a useful contributor to this site on these subjects. internet kantor dedicated corporate cepat murah jakarta bandung bogor depok tangerang bekasi



A corporation is a separate legal entity, usually used to conduct business. Corporations exist as a product of corporate law, and their rules balance the interests of the shareholders that invest their capital and the employees who contribute their labor. People work together in corporations to produce. In modern times, corporations have become an increasingly dominant part of economic life. People rely on corporations for employment, for their goods and services, for the value of the pensions, for economic growth and social development.http://corporate-capital.blogspot.com

The defining feature of a corporation is its legal independence from the people who create it. If a corporation fails, shareholders only stand to lose their investment, and employees will lose their jobs, but neither will be liable for debts that remain owing to the corporation’s creditors. This rule is called limited liability, and it is why corporations end with “Ltd.” (or some variant like “Inc.” and “plc”). http://corporate-capital.blogspot.com

Despite not being persons, corporations are recognized by the law to have rights and responsibilities like actual people. Corporations can exercise human rights against real individuals and the state,[1] and they may be responsible for human rights violations.Just as they are “born” into existence through its members obtaining a certificate of incorporation, they can “die” when they lose money into insolvency. Corporations can even be convicted of criminal offences, such as fraud and manslaughter. Five common characteristics of the modern corporation, according to Harvard University Professors Hansmann and Kraakman are…

delegated management, in other words, control of the company placed in the hands of a board of directors limited liability of the shareholders (so that when the company is insolvent, they only owe the money that they subscribed for in shares) .

investor ownership, which Hansmann and Kraakman take to mean, ownership by shareholders.

separate legal personality of the corporation (the right to sue and be sued in its own name)

transferrable shares (usually on a listed exchange, such as the London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange or Euronext in Paris) http://corporate-capital.blogspot.com

Ownership of a corporation is complicated by increasing social and economic interdependence, as different stakeholders compete to have a say in corporate affairs. In most developed countries excluding the English speaking world, company boards have representatives of both shareholders and employees to “codetermine” company strategy. Calls for increasing corporate social responsibility are made by consumer, environmental and human rights activists, and this has led to larger corporations drawing up codes of conduct. In Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, corporate law has not yet stepped into that field, and its building blocks remain the study of corporate governance and corporate finance at http://corporate-capital.blogspot.com

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Fiber Optics Internet Has Revolutionized The Global Corporate Scenario

Fiber Optics Internet Has Revolutionized The Global Corporate Scenario
The pervasive accessibility of fiber optic network services is changing the very meaning of populaces perspective towards the potential of Dedicated Internet and how can it benefit the corporate state of affairs. The resourcefulness of Fiber Optics Internet in the corporate scenario is far too immense to describe in words, but we will try to decipher the cipher, here in this article.

When it comes to coordination between the different offices of the same corporation spread across the globe, virtually no other means of data transmission can stand up to the data transmission power and efficiency of Fiber Optics Internet. Unlike earlier times, when most of the communication requirements were catered to by phone, mail or fax, this unprecedented technology has brought about a revolution as no employee will feel outside the loop.

The extensive usage of fiber optic network in a majority of the corporations have led to the blurring of communication distance which was present earlier between personnel of the same company situated at geographically distant places. Starting from straight forward and the uncomplicated instant messaging to intricate technologies such as from video conferencing, fiber optics will time and again prove as a resourceful contrivance. The rise in the sheer number of offices has also broadened the usage of fiber optic network as it is increasingly coming out of the box of the domain of business communications.

Take for instance Americatel which has dedicated Data center and proffers extra ordinary services when it comes to wireless Internet or Fiber Optics Internet not only for blue chip companies but also directly to your homes. So next time you can watch movie son demand from the comfort of your dwelling with the help of fiber optics. You need to call fiber optic companies to start installing fiber optic.

Well it is high time you aptly reckon that fiber optics is not limited to computer networks as this specific technology can do much more than just that. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is yet another milestone which has taken over the world by surprise as it drastically lowers the tariffs of international calls to a near zero. If we were to argue about the advantages of fiber optic network, we will find an assortment of reasons. For starters, fiber optic network is easier and uncomplicated to install. They are in reality far lighter than their copper counterparts, which gives them an extra edge.

The most beneficial aspect is their bandwidth feature and no other data transmission mode can compare with fiber optics on this faade. Their high resistance to noise and electro magnetic interference also acts as a major driving force for folks who acquire it. Other pertinent advantages are significantly diminished power requirements and higher flexibility. Equipped with this know how you must be pretty tempted to try fiber optics hands on. But before choosing fiber optic companies, you should do a bit of intricate research on the World Wide Web pertaining to the companys profile, its experience and look into other imperative facets.

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