Harga-Provider-Paket-Internet-ISP-Murah-Cepat-Dedicated-Unlimited-Corporate-dengan-IP-Statis-Terbaik-Bagus-Stabil-Termurah-Tercepat-untuk-kebutuhan Kantor perkantoran hotel apartemen  jakarta bogor


Harga-Provider-Paket-Internet-ISP-Murah-Cepat-Dedicated-Unlimited-Corporate-dengan-IP-Statis-Terbaik-Bagus-Stabil-Termurah-Tercepat-untuk-kebutuhan Kantor perkantoran hotel apartemen jakarta

Kami merupakan Perusahaan Internet Service Provider (ISP) atau Penyedia Layanan Internet yang memberikan layanan Koneksi Internet Dedicated berkualitas baik melalui Fiber Optik (FO) maupun Wireless. Dengan layanan prima Terbaik dan berpengalaman kami berusaha untuk memberikan solusi bagi kebutuhan internet untuk di kantor/ Perusahaan, Sekolah, kampus/ universitas , UMKM, warnet dan lainnya untuk menikmati Layanan Provider Internet dedicated murah Unlimited paling cepat dan stabil .

Anda dapat melakukan kontak dengan kami dengan berbagai media komunikasi. Kami akan sangat terbuka untuk berkomunikasi baik dalam hal penjualan melalui marketing dan segala permasalahan koneksi internet yang mungkin muncul melalui support kami. Kami akan berusaha memahami permasalahan dan memberikan solusi yang tepat akan kebutuhan internet anda sehingga mampu memberikan pelayanan Provider Internet murah yang terbaik.

Kini wilayah layanan kami (Area coverage) telah meliputi Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi, Cikampek, Karawang, Bandung dan sekitarnya

Jl. H. Kocen, Kalimulya, Cilodong, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16413, Indonesia

Office: (021) 778 400 22

Call n Chat to Marketing Officer: 0878-7830-7650 (fast response)

Marketing: 0812-9637-1993

Marketing: 0813-1888-2415


Dedicated Servers For Ecommerce

Dedicated Servers For Ecommerce

With the internet, business has had a new evolution with e-commerce. There are no boundaries now for the possibility of online businesses. However, this doesn’t mean that you must spend a great deal of money for you online e-commerce website. If you are not using a dedicated hosting, then there is the danger of the lack of security in your website. Therefore, it is time for you to think about it.

Sharing your website with others in a shared hosting isn’t really a good option. This is because your website will be more vulnerable to virus and bandwidth problems. On the other hand, dedicated server or hosting gives you the entire server and here will absolutely be no intrusion.

So, you can expect it to provide much more advantages compared to other types of hosting. Firstly, the security is much more powerful. There will be nor danger or threat for your website because there are no neighbours.

Next, the storage space is also fully owned by you and there is no need to share with others. With this, you can be able to build more stylish websites. You will be able t apply more images, videos and add more features too.

Then, you will also need a generous amount of bandwidth to allow smooth data transfer. With the dedicated hosting, you will have no problems because there is no competition from other website. So you won’t experience any slow response from your server. This is especially good for e-commerce websites.

Next, in order to be able to control your website superbly, you need a good control panel. With shared hosting, you will only get limited resources but with dedicated servers, you have greater control on the functions of your website. In addition, this type of hosting also provides you with software and script choices. It comes with huge capabilities for whatever purpose you have for your website.

However, the question lies with the user because there are great advantages but there are also disadvantages about this type of server. Performance and reliability is their advantages while the price is often the disadvantage because of the high fees required. But the amount you pay reflects directly on the quality of service that you will get.

So, it is really up to you to think if dedicated hosting is suitable for you or not. For an e-commerce website, I would definitely recommend you to go for it because you will be investing in your business. The most important factors for an e-commerce is reliability and you can definitely get it with this type of server. All you have to do is search for a provider that is within your budget range

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Moving to Dedicated Servers

Moving to Dedicated Servers

The vast majority of web sites you see on the Internet are actually very small in terms of their data. They also likely receive very little traffic. Sites that receive large amounts of visitors and that are large in size are usually hosted on dedicated servers. If you’re considering making the move to a dedicated server, remember that the cost is usually a bit higher than it is with virtual or shared hosting. In some cases, the setup and maintenance procedures may be much more complex, as well, depending upon which control panel the web host provides.

A dedicated server is one that houses only ones website and whose entire resources are dedicated to that web site’s needs. These servers are also those that the client enjoys the most control over. Most often, these servers come bare-bones and you’ll be offered the option of setting them up however best suits your needs. For some people, this is liberating. For others, it involves enough complexity that they cannot handle the task themselves. A huge factor in how all of this comes together is what type of hosting you choose.

Linux hosting and Windows hosting are the two most common options you’ll find among web hosts. Linux is an open-source server and desktop operating system that has a great deal of free programs available for it. It is a very common and established choice for web servers. Windows is the well-known operating system that drives the majority of desktop computers and servers in the world. It benefits from extensive support and a multitude of products. Most of these products, however, cost money, unlike those that are used on the Linux system, which are mostly free to use, distribute and modify as you see fit.

When you’re hunting around for cheap web hosting, keep in mind the costs of the operating system you choose to employ. In some cases, Linux may save money because of the availability of free software. If you have a very experienced staff where Windows is concerned, however, it may save money to keep the server software as familiar to them as possible. In either case, you can save a lot of money by going with a host that offers excellent tech support and that offers you a lot of bandwidth for your site. These two costs can be considerable in cases where the service is lacking.

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Dedicated Web Servers

Dedicated Web Servers
One can think of a dedicated server for the following reasons:

1. You have been on a shared hosting or VPS hosting plan for years now and want to expand.

2. You are starting an enterprise class application that needs a big hosting plan

A Dedicated server is like renting a full computer. It will only have the applications that you want to put on it. If you want to install something on the dedicated server, then either you will have to do it yourself, or will have to pay someone to do it for you. In most cases, people get a dedicated server with only a Windows or Linux server and no other software.

The hardware used by dedicated servers is a little different from that of a regular desktop or laptop. It uses a RAM called ECC RAM. The main difference between the ECC RAM and RAM is that an ECC RAM will actually check the errors and correct them. The regular RAM on the other hands just fails if the comes across an error. A dedicated server will also use RAID controllers, Gigabit Ethernet ports, and standard on board video. RAID arrays are created by RAID controllers. These are complex arrangements of hard drives that either create a solution to backup data or improve performance. Gigabit Ethernet ports connect the systems to very fast switches. It operates at 1000gb/s in ideal conditions. System memory and resources are preserved with the onboard video.

Before switching to a dedicated hosting plan, you should make sure that the server will be properly managed. If something goes wrong on the dedicated server and it becomes unusable, then you will have to pay a fee to get it reformatted. However, if something like this happens on a shared hosting account, then your account simply gets recreated with a backup. The level of risk with a dedicated web server is high than that of a shared hosting account.


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